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Commissioning of FAIR construction site access road with traffic lights from the B3

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The new construction road (red), the main road for regular traffic (blue) and the alternative route for regular traffic (yellow).

Since Friday January 4, 2013 the access road from the B3 trunk road to the construction site for the accelerator facility FAIR at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH in Darmstadt has been open for construction site traffic. Construction site traffic leaving the B3 north of Wixhausen is being regulated using a set of traffic lights. Access to the construction road is solely for construction site traffic.


Regular automobile and bicycle traffic to FAIR/GSI and into the eastern part of Wixhausen is to continue using Messeler-Park-Strasse as the exit road from the B3. Vehicular access to the GSI car park continues to be via Messeler-Park-Strasse. The pedestrian walkway and bicycle lane next to Messeler-Park-Strasse to GSI can be used by cyclists and pedestrians in both directions.


During the construction measures at FAIR there may be temporary restrictions in Messeler-Park-Strasse. In such cases alternative access to the GSI car park for automobile traffic will be via Obere Mühlstrasse and the southern construction road. The bicycle lane in Messeler-Park-Strasse is not affected by these road closures as a rule.


Increased construction site traffic is to be expected from the first quarter of 2013 onwards as additional construction measures are beginning in preparation for the FAIR construction site. So as to create additional transport routes on the construction site, construction roads are being laid out within the construction site. Furthermore, the construction site will be fully fenced in. The existing gaps in the fence will be closed. From January 2013 onwards Prinzenschneise and Dreischläger Weg will be closed in the vicinity of the construction site. Diversions have been signposted on the prepared forest tracks. Likewise work is beginning on the construction of the bored piles on which the entire accelerator complex is based.


We would request all road users to be especially careful and show mutual consideration for one another. Please note that traffic flows in the FAIR/GSI building zone may also change at short notice.


Taken from: GSI Public Relations

Contact: Ingo Peter

Sketch: download as .pdf



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