Establishment of the FAIR construction site

Tree-felling operations: Preparations beginning for container offices

Before clearing work began, all hollow tree trunks that looked like potential hibernation dens were inspected using an endoscopic camera to check that no animals were inside before being sealed. Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

At the northern construction site access road container offices are to be put in place for the site management of the new particle accelerator FAIR in the course of the year. In preparation for this, from Wednesday, 12 February onwards trees are being felled at Prinzenschneise, which lies within the development scheme. The work will take around two weeks. It is not expected that there will be any disruptions for pedestrians or cyclists.


To the north of Prinzenschneise a three-story container office complex with workstations and parking for some 100 people is being established on an area of half a hectare. The container offices will provide space for the FAIR site management, for the engineers, construction supervisors and planning staff from FAIR, and will simplify the cooperation on site thanks to short paths to the construction site and to the contractors.


The complex will also encompass a small visitor center with a viewing platform, where information about FAIR will be presented. It is planned to open the visitor center in 2015 at the latest – in time for the commencement of the body shell construction.


As the container offices will be dismantled after the completion of FAIR and the area will be reforested, compensatory planting measures are not necessary. The environmental compensation is regulated using an eco-points account, into which FAIR has “paid in” eco-points through its various environmental programs. Among these are, for instance, several hectares of woodland which were removed from the development plan, the upkeep of the Stahlberge nature reserve in Arheilgen, and the habitat which has been established for lizards.

Information on the environmental compensation for the construction of FAIR

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