First Components of CRYRING have arrived at GSI

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Photo: A. Källberg (MSL)

Photo: W. Enders (GSI)

The Stockholm CRYRING is an immensely successful ion storage ring, which has enabled for many years central research contributions in atomic and molecular physics. As part of the Swedish contribution to FAIR, the transport of CRYRING to GSI has begun and the trucks have already delivered major components.


It is foreseen to reassemble CRYRING in the coming two years in a modified Cave-B in the Target hall of GSI. With the combination of ESR and CRYRING a unique facility will be created, which provides cooled, highly charged ion beams at low energies. Moreover, CRYRING can operate independently with an own ion source. Thus, CRYRING is excellently suited as test bench for FAIR. By the early installation of this FAIR facility on the GSI area the FAIR collaborations may develop and test novel FAIR technologies already during the planned extended shutdown and reconstruction periods of the GSI accelerator infrastructure. Moreover, CRYRING is a welcome scientific instrument for atomic physics research with cooled, highly charged stable as well as exotic nuclides (SPARC collaboration), as well as the nuclear physics oriented storage ring collaborations (EXL and ILIMA). In the future, CRYRNG at ESR may be also used to reinject the antiproton beams from FAIR to the GSI experiment hall and thus enable almost the entire research program of the FLAIR collaboration. Additional perspectives for the BIOMAT collaborations open up. A project study which discusses the setup of CRYRING at GSI may be found at http://www.gsi.de/sparc.


Taken from: GSI Kurier 02/2013 (M. Lestinsky, F. Herfurth)


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