Constructions roads are being completed

Survey by using a quadrocopter

Surveyor Sebastian Siebert, Bickhardt Bau, starts the quadrocopter. (Photo: Antje Stohl for FAIR)

With completion of the inner construction road on the FAIR building site, a quadrocopter started for a short test flight. Around July 22, the quadrocopter will take photos of the 6 km long inner construction roads while flying at 80 m altitude, hereby generating a raster scan image. The 1.300 single photos will be composed to a large arieal picture which will provide surveying information of the inner construction roads as well as to keep track of its construction. This comprises the computation of a three-dimensional picture. The quadrocopter is manually started and landed, but flies autonomously over the construction site by navigating via GPS. The aircraft weighs only 3 kg and is used to avoid the much more laborious surveying on the ground.

Video of the test flight (Youtube)

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