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Construction site visit

Regional Council inspects FAIR construction site

The representatives of the Regional Council inspecting part of a steel pipe which serves to stabilize the drill holes. (Photo: Gabi Otto for FAIR)

Technology enthusiasts among the representatives of the Regional Council during the tour of the site. (Photo: Gabi Otto for FAIR)

On Tuesday eight representatives of Darmstadt Regional Council gathered information about the large-scale drilling rigs deployed on the FAIR construction site. In the course of a two-hour tour of the construction site they gained insights into the technology used to place the deep foundations. The drilled piles stabilize the foundation ground so that this is able to bear the buildings and the sensitive detectors of the acceleration facility.


Of the some 1,400 drilled piles which are required, 360 have been firmly anchored in the ground in the meantime. Each pile has a length of up to 60 meters. Based on an average length of 40 meters, a total of around 14,400 meters of drilled piles have been cast in concrete so far.


Environmentally-friendly drilling

Of particular interest to the visitors were the water measures as the Regional Council monitors all the drainage stages on the construction site and has imposed corresponding conditions on FAIR.


In this respect the focus is on the drilling process, as the drilling takes place in strata bordering on groundwater. So that the groundwater cannot rise to the surface in the course of the work, drilling is conducted with hydrostatic force. This means that during drilling water is fed into the system from above so that the resulting pressure holds the groundwater in place where it is found naturally. The water contaminated with earth, sand and silt as a result of this process is cleaned using a desanding facility and returned to the drilling process. Thus a cycle with low water consumption is created.


During the setting of the deep foundations groundwater samples are taken at four-week intervals and analyzed by an independent institute. All the analyses performed since the beginning of the deep foundation work have displayed the customary local values.


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