Construction of the "ion-guides"

113 superconducting high-tech magnets for FAIR

Prototype the SIS 100 magnet
(Photo: Guenther Sikler/ Babcock Noell)

The company Babcock Noell starts manufacturing 113 superconducting high-tech magnets for the heart of the accelerator facility FAIR, the central ring accelerator SIS 100. These magnets will guide the accelerated particles and bend them in a circle.


GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt, Germany, has placed an order with Babcock Noell GmbH. GSI is responsible for the construction of these accelerator magnets for FAIR and carried out years of development work together with colleagues from the Russian accelerator laboratory JINR in Dubna. The SIS 100 magnets will be equipped with superconducting coils, whose magnetic fields can be modified very quickly - a unique combination.


More information on SIS 100 magnets:


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