Connection to local public transport

Starting 15th December, 2014: Bus line “G” serves FAIR and GSI

Press conference: Introduction of the new bus line „G“ (Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

As of Monday, 15th December, 2014 FAIR and GSI will be connected to the local public transport RMV. This service will be offered by the new “Linie G” running continuously Monday to Friday. The bus line “G” will start from the tram stop “Arheilgen Dreieichweg” and from Wixhausen railway station (S-Bahn), respectively. The official final stop of “Linie G” will be Merianstraße/GSI. The continuation Merianstraße/GSI (GSI depot/Heck-Office) to GSI, Planckstraße 1 is classified as internal transport and thus free of charge. However, any other rides to Merianstraße/GSI will be charged – please buy a RMV ticket. The same applies for rides to the opposite direction.


Combined time table of bus line G and internal transport (PDF)

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