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Animal welfare during construction

“Bambi” rescued at the FAIR construction site

Deer and fawn on the construction site (summer). Photo: Hans-Peter Semmler for FAIR

Closing gaps in the fence around the island of trees. Photo: Hans-Peter Semmler for FAIR

The wheel loader bringing construction hoarding elements. Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

FAIR employees establishing the corridor. Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR

The corridor ist ready. Photo: Hans-Peter Semmler for FAIR

A deer and its fawn which had chosen the island of trees formed by the FAIR construction site as their habitat have now been guided into the nearby enclosed forest with the help of a large number of volunteers. The deer had repeatedly been observed in past months, and their tracks indicated that they had made nocturnal excursions onto the construction site. Although the island of trees is a protected reserve for animals, in the long term it would not have provided enough food.


In a concerted action under the motto “Save Bambi”, FAIR employees established a corridor of construction hoarding elements between the island of trees at the heart of the future FAIR ring accelerator SIS100/SIS300 and the nearby enclosed forest. The construction company Bickhardt Bau made the construction elements available free of charge, the working group Züblin-Bögl, responsible for the construction of the drilled piles, made available a wheel loader and driver-operator. Other volunteers, among them a forester from the company PGNU, which has been commissioned with advising on ecological construction, closed gaps in the fence around the island of trees with wire and fencing elements.


In the following days the local hunt leaseholder, Thomas Schunk, and his dog patrolled the island of trees a number of times at dusk and in the early morning so as to scare off the deer: As they are disturbed by the scent of humans and dogs, the deer withdrew into the enclosed forest via the corridor formed by the construction hoardings. However, the fawn seemed to return into the island of trees. Some days later, a security staff member from VSD spotted the fawn running on the construction site. Spontaneously he opened the fence and thereby allowed the fawn to get to its mother.


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