...and it really moves!

Testing the assembly: Super-FRS magnet is transportable

Moving the Super-FRS Magnet.

45 tons are put down carefully (Photos: Gaby Otto for FAIR)

Today, a truck-mounted crane lifted the parts of FAIR’s first Super-FRS Magnet. The procedure ensured that the magnet consisting of two parts, each weighing 45 tons, is not distorted during transport and can be positioned exactly. Three years ago the colossus has been constructed at the Budtker Insitute in Russia. For transport, it had to be disassembled into many smaller parts, before a Russian-German team reassembled the device at GSI’s Testing Hall. The truck-mounted crane was necessary today because the hall crane can not carry a burden that heavy.


At FAIR‘s future Super-FRS building, the Magnet will be moved to its working position by a hall crane installed there. The magnet is one of three of its kind which will form a part of the Super-Fragment-Separator (Super-FRS). The giant magnets will sort out interesting particles to be examined in experiments trying to reveal the origin of the elements.


The magnet’s construction is unique because it completely avoids organic components such as expoy resign adhesives. Any organic components would be destroyed in short time by particles flying through it. The avoidance of organic components allow for a long life of the magnet, while, at the same time, new technical developments like a novel indirect cooling system are required.

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