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Abnormal load

Nighttime delivery of a giant drilling rig

The transport of such heavy plant requires official approval and may only be conducted at nighttime. Photo: Michael Moser for FAIR

Tomorrow at night, Thursday (12.09.) to Friday, sees the delivery of the second LB44 rotary drilling rig to the FAIR construction site. It is replacing a rig which is to be removed from the site in the near future. With this second LB44 all the large-scale drilling rigs required on the FAIR construction site have now been delivered. These drilling rigs are being used to stabilize the ground with reinforced concrete piles so that the accelerator facility FAIR can be built.


Given its weight and dimensions the delivery of the giant drilling rig qualifies as an abnormal load. In accordance with German road traffic regulations such transportation requires special approval. As abnormal loads would disrupt the normal flow of traffic, these may only be conducted at times when the volume of traffic is low. The load also has to be accompanied by the police.


The following abnormal loads will be seen in the near future:


16 to 17 September: Removal of a cable excavator
17 to 18 September: Removal of a rotary drilling rig


A date has not yet been set for the removal of another cable excavator, and will be announced later.


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