7th Meeting of FAIR Administrative and Finance Committee (AFC) in Darmstadt

Budget Proposal 2013 and planning Operation Costs

Prior to the meeting, AFC representatives participated in a guided tour through the German Art-Nouveau centres on Darmstadt's Mathildenhöhe. (Foto: Markus Bernards for FAIR)

When meeting in Darmstadt, AFC-representatives of the FAIR partner countries finalized the budget draft for 2013 on which the FAIR Council will decide in December. Further, the AFC-representatives were informed on the ongoing discussion of the AFC working group "Operation-Costs" (OCWG) about how FAIR will be operated on and how the burdens could be shared by the FAIR partners.

As AFC Chairman Örjan Skeppstedt's term of office will end in February 2013 (after two years), the committee discussed who could be suggested to FAIR Council as a possible successor.

Other topics of the meeting were, for example, to modify the procurement rules as recommended by the FAIR Council and to develop internal financial regulations in order to make sure that on the one hand the FAIR owners are able to fulfil their duty to control expenses and on the other hand that procurement is in line with European law and may be performed as fast as possible.

The AFC also agreed on to finally suggest an Occupational Pension Scheme for adoption by the Council in December.

Further, the AFC recommended to the FAIR Council to adopt the annual financial statement of 2011, according to Article 42a of the German "GmbH-Gesetz", and to discharge the Managing Directors of the FAIR GmbH for the Budget Year 2011, on the basis of the report of the External Auditors.

The next AFC meeting is planned for March 13 and 14, 2013, preceeded by an OCWG meeting at March 12 and 13.

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