5th Meeting of the FAIR In-Kind Review Board (IKRB) at Darmstadt

Allocation of contributions to German and Russian Institutes

Discussions at the IKRB: Prof. Oliver Kester (Head of GSI-project group "FAIR@GSI"), Dr. Dieter Krämer (FAIR Technical Director), Dr. Horst Wenninger (Chairman of IRKB), Dr. Lyn Evans, CBE (Chairman of FAIR Machine Advisory Committee); Foto: Markus Bernards for FAIR

In its 5th meeting, the In-Kind Review Board recommended to the FAIR Council to assign several components of the new FAIR accelerator facility as in-kind contributions to the German shareholder GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Reseach. In addition, the IKRB suggested to the FAIR Council to agree to the collaboration between FAIR GmbH and the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Moscow, and the Efremov Institute (NIIEFA), St. Petersburg, for the construction of beam diagnostics equipment and magnets, respectively.

At the meeting, there was an intense discussion about time lines and priorities for the production of Technical Specifications on the one hand and the man power limitations on the other. In addition, the IKRB identified the problem that the main dipole magnets of the Super Fragment Separator (Super-FRS) seem not to be provided by any partner as in-kind contribution. Therefore the IKRB suggested procuring the magnets by a call for tender.

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