4th Meeting of FAIR Administrative and Finance Committee (AFC) in Darmstadt

Budget 2013 and tender regulations - Meeting of FAIR finance planner

AFC meeting participants visit the FAIR construction site

Visiting the construction site

Representatives of the FAIR partner countries now addressed on how to plan FAIR's budget for 2013 and on how to optimize the FAIR procurement rules. During its first meeting in 2013, FAIR AFC proposed those and other resolutions to the FAIR Council which will meet in June  and December.

Representatives of the FAIR partners Germany, Finland, France, India, Poland, Russia and Sweden discussed what financial support the FAIR partner countries should provide to cover the running costs for the realisation of FAIR: The works on development and construction of the accelerators, experiments and scientific programmes as well as the technical infrastructure are running at full-speed. Further, management and administration of the FAIR GmbH require some funding. During this and a following meeting on October 11, 2012, a draft resolution for the budget 2013 will be worked out on which the FAIR Council shall decide in December.

Another topic of the AFC meeting was the adaption of the procurement rules which should ensure on the one hand that AFC and FAIR Council are able to fulfil their duty to control expenses and on the other hand that procurement is in line with European law and not delayed.

Some of the meetings' participants used a break to climb up the hill of the GSI Heavy Ion Synchrotron SIS 18 to have a look at the construction site (see photo).

The next AFC meeting is planned for May 15. Then, it shall be
discussed for the first time on how the operating costs of the FAIR facility will be shared among the FAIR partners.

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