Visit from ESA

Director Thomas Reiter at GSI and FAIR

Thomas Reiter (2nd from left) visits the FAIR building site. Photo: Gabi Otto

Yesterday, Astronaut and ESA Director Thomas Reiter visited FAIR and GSI. On a guided tour he took a look at the facilities, was informed on existing cooperation and discussed future projects.


Sending new satellites in space, bringing astronauts to the international space station ISS, landing rovers on Mars and Moon: Thomas Reiter, director of Human Spaceflight and the European Space Operations Centre ESOC in Darmstadt, informed the audience of GSI colloquium about the big ESA projects of the coming years.


For many of these projects, detailed knowledge on cosmic radiation and its effect on humans and materials is needed. As cosmic rays can be simulated uniquely well at GSI and in the future with FAIR, many cooperation projects with ESA are possible especially in biophysics and materials research.

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