Indian in-kind Contribution

500 Power Converters for FAIR

The signing ceremony in Kolkata, September 2012. (Photo: Bose Institute)

Recently, the Bose Institute, Kolkata (Indian shareholder) signed a contract with the Electronic Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad, India, for the development and the production of more than 500 power converters for FAIR as Indian in-kind contribution. Dr. Thirumalachari Ramasami, Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology, was present on the occasion.


In the first project phase, the ECIL team will finalise together with the FAIR power converter team (within Electric Power Systems Department of GSI) the specifications and then produce the required number of prototypes. After the prototypes have been tested, a second contract will be made for the production of the power converters.


The power converters are used to transform the alternating current provided by the energy suppliers into direct current. The direct current is needed to generate the electro-magnetic field in the magnets used for bending or focussing the ion beam.


The Bose Institute was founded 1917 and is Indias oldest research institute. Today, it is a multidisciplinary research organisation with stress on fundamental research in fields such as astrophysics, nuclear physics, cosmic rays and radiation physics. The director of the Bose Inistitute, Prof. Sibaji Raha, is Delegate and Vice Chair to the FAIR Council.


ECIL is a company owned by the State of India that develops and produces e.g. control systems for nuclear power plants, aerospace control technology as well as IT systems and security technology.

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