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GET_INvolved: Helmholtz-OCPC Postdoc Programme

Chinese Postdoc Fellowship Programme: Call for Job Offers at GSI/FAIR

Xin Gao from Shanghai, China, came to Darmstadt to work as a postdoc in the frame of the Helmholtz-OCPC programme. Her task is to model the data flow and to design a throttling system in the data acquisiton in the future CBM experiment at FAIR. (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR/GSI)

Not later than 13 February 2019 research departments at GSI and FAIR should submit their proposals for postdoc projects in Darmstadt which will be advertised to young scientists nationwide in China.


The postdoc fellowships will be part of the Helmholz – OCPC Postdoc Programme which has been set up to strengthen the cooperation between Helmholtz Research Centers and Chinese research institutions. At GSI, the OCPC programme is part of the GET_INvolved umbrella programme for international students and young scientists.


The Office of the China Postdoctoral Council (OCPC) will finance half of the postdoc fellowship, the GSI department is responsible for the other half. After preselection of the candidates by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security (for example, candidates should be under the age of 35 and in their final Ph.D. phase or work as a postdoc) the final selection of candidates is made by the host department at GSI and FAIR.


So far, 8 Helmholtz Centers participate into the programme, and a maximum of 50 outstanding young scholars is selected and co-funded annually. In 2018, for example, a total of 56 positions were offered. (mbe)


More information about the 2019 call (PDF)


Template Position Profile (Word .docx)


More information for interested departments at GSI and FAIR

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