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Training of young scientists (Photo: Jan Michael Hosan for GSI/FAIR)

GET_INvolved - ERASMUS+ Traineeship Application

What is Traineeship with ERASMUS+ Programme?

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships, etc) abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions from Programme countries at their Bachelor and Master level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates

By doing this traineeship within the GET_INvolved framework supported with ERASMUS+, you have an opportunity to work at an excellent science research center and GET_INvolved into a structured international Project environment. Not only your communication, language and inter-cultural skills will be improved but also hard and soft skills.

Who is eligible?

Eligible countries: The individuals from Programme countries are [see here if your country is included in Key Action 1 Mobility for Individuals]

Required educational qualification:

  • Students in their higher education cycle [EQF 5 and above] Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Programme. "Cycle" refers to the level of study as defined by the European Qualifications Framework (EQF):
    • First cycle (Bachelor or equivalent) EQF 5/6 – from 5th semester onwards only!
    • Second cycle (Master or equivalent) EQF 7
    • Third cycle (Doctoral or equivalent) EQF 8
  • You can also go for a traineeship abroad as a recent graduate. In this case, your traineeship must occur within one year of your graduation and you must apply while still being enrolled in your higher education institution.

Is there any funding and support?

  • From ERASMUS+: The financial support is primarily from the ERASMUS+ Programme. This includes subsistence and travel grant from the European Union. The value of this funding depends on ERASMUS+ funding regulations.
  • From GET_INvolved Programme: In addition to the ERASMUS+ support, the Programme may decide to support a few students with help in organizing the accommodation. Not every trainee qualifies for this support. This decision will be based on their merit and availability of the accommodation at our Guesthouse.

Traineeships available

In year 2020, the Programme plans to accept up to 20 ERASMUS+ trainees.  An application through the Programme does not guarantee a traineeship position.


You can benefit of an exchange Programme with ERASMUS+ multiple times,either as a student trainee or a recent graduate, but your total time may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study. A typical ERASMUS+ trainee spends a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months. This duration has to be agreed prior to the start of the traineeship. 

Selection procedure

There are three phases of selection. The process can take 4-6 weeks to provide a confirmation on a traineeship project.

  • Application stage: checking the completeness of the application with required documents. Incomplete applications are not considered.
  • Matchmaking stage: interview [telephonic/video] with your potential hosting department and a project mentor. Confirmation on a defined traineeship project including the agreed duration from GET_INvolved Programme Coordinator.
  • Confirmation stage: final confirmation from International Office and from your higher educational institution. This includes a learning agreement for the mobility.


Process steps:

Application stage:

Applications are accepted from two types of applicants only through the application portal.

  1. applicants who have agreed with a local supervisor at GSI/FAIR and already know their potential traineeship project.
  2. applicants who would like to just apply speculative without any prior knowledge of the specific traineeship project.

Application portal: Please use Latin letters for filling the application!

In every case, upload the following documents:

  • the latest curriculum vitae (CV) (we recommend to use EUROPASS CV template and suggestions how to fill it)
  • enrollment certificate issued by your higher educational institution
  • a statement of purpose in one of the research fields as listed on Subject Areas and Fields
  • proof of academic records (mark sheets and transcripts in English language)
  • other optional documents: recommendation letters, other certificates about some hard or soft skills


Matchmaking stage:

  Matchmaking is not required for those applicants who have been  Matchmaking of your profile is performed by the International Office
  • either asked by an employee or researcher at GSI/FAIR to apply through the portal [they must mention the contact person in the comment section of the application]
  • or you have been informed about your tentative traineeship project [they must enter the hosting department or contact person’s name in the comment section]
  • when an appropriate traineeship project is found, you are notified for next steps and a confirmation letter is sent [the candidate may have telephonic/video interview with one or more potential project mentors]
  • when there is no traineeship project found in 6 weeks or a candidate does not qualify to the expectation of potential project mentors during the remote interview, we have to reject the application



Confirmation stage:

  • Confirmation of funding from your higher education institution where you applied the ERASMUS+. This step is mandatory to prepare the Learning agreement and clarify the project goals, duration and confirmation from the sending institution.


  • Your higher education institution and the receiving organization must sign a learning agreement [see links below] for traineeships to ensure a transparent and efficient preparation of the exchange abroad. This document sets out rights and responsibilities of the various parties, a detailed Program of the traineeship, information on insurance, and how your traineeship will be recognized upon successful completion.
  • Please read the ERASMUS+ Student Charter, explaining your rights and obligations with respect to your traineeship abroad.



Administration and Coordination

Programme Coordinator
International Office for students and researchers
Contact our team via mail: international(at) or international(at)


Useful link and downloads

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in EUROPASS Format – here
  • Guidelines to fill your CV - here
  • Traineeship Learning Agreement for Mobility: Contact ERASMUS OFFICE of your University/institution for an updated version.
    • Portable Document Format [.pdf]
    • WORD [.doc]
    • OpenOffice [.odt]
    • Guidelines on how to use the learning agreements for traineeships [students and recent graduates] - here
  • Programme eligible countries - here
  • EQF: European Qualifications Framework - here



Still have questions? Please check out answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Link to F.A.Q.


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Programme Coordinator

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Phone: +49 6159 / 71-3257


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Useful links and downloads

Curriculum Vitae (CV) in EUROPASS Format – here

Guidelines to fill your CV - here

Traineeship Learning Agreement for Mobility:

Programme eligible countries - here

EQF: European Qualifications Framework - here

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