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GET_INvolved Programmes, Individual Participation, and Funding

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Institutional Programmes

Institutional GET_INvolved programmes usually include funding for travel, stay and subsistence and mandatory health insurance.

Dedicated cooperations under the GET_INvolved umbrella programme are based, for example, on a bilateral or multilateral agreement between FAIR and GSI on one hand and the institute or university on the other hand which regulates how the fellowship is financed.

Alternatively, the cooperations are based on a special agreement for fellowships from a partner country.

GET_INvolved Azerbaijan

Internship and training programme open to students registered with ANAS, Baku, Azerbajan

GET_INvolved China

Postdoc programme open to Chinese postdocs.

GET_INvolved Mexico

Internship and training programme open to students enrolled in educational programmes at CINESTAV, Mexico.

GET_INvolved South Africa

Internship and traineeship programme open to South African students with a bachelor degree or higher.

GET_INvolved - SUT Thailand

Internship and training programme open to students enrolled in educational programmes at SUT, Thailand.


Individual Student Fellowships/Traineeships

Individual students and early stage researchers intending to undertake an internship and traineeship or to get research experience have to be either funded by their sending institute (home university or institutes) or a third party funding agency for the duration they deem to stay and perform their project. This funding usually includes their travel, stay and subsistence and also a mandatory health insurance covering the period of stay.

Postdocs may alternatively apply on open postdoc positions advertised at GSI job offers.

Meritorious students with no financial support or partial financial support are taken into consideration for providing additional support from host departments at FAIR and GSI.

Funding of Individual Participation

For example, students can apply for third-party funds (this list is not exhaustive):

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