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GET_INvolved impressions

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our Chinese scientists organized the party for the ALICE group at GSI on the occasion of the Chinese New Year in February 2019.

Working on CBM data acquisition

At work: Postdoc Wenxiong Zhou from Chongquing, China, working on a FPGA-based data acquisition software for the CBM target system which will pre-process the data taken by the detector. (Photo: private)

Data flow modelling

Postdoc Xin Gao from Shanghai, China, modelling the data flow and designing a throttling system in the data acquisiton in the future CBM experiment at FAIR. (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR/GSI)

Excursion to Heidelberg

Indonesian GET_INvolved-Intern Dea Aulia Kartini from SUT, Thailand, on a weekend-trip to the romantic city of Heidelberg close to Darmstadt. (Photo: private)

Get Together

GET_Involved participants meet at Bräustübl in Darmstadt. (Photo: private)

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