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Responsible for Detector Components (Akashrup) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

1-Year-Research Stay at GSI/FAIR: Akashrup installing Detector Components for the FATIMA detector. The experiment is part of the FAIR NUSTAR collaboration. (Photo: Markus Bernards) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

Investigation of Dormant Tumour Cells (Charnay, Biophysics) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

GET_INvolved intern Charnay from iThemba LABS, South Africa, checking cultured cells through a microscope. She used the cells to start to establish models to investigate so-called dormant tumour cells. (Photo: Pradeep Ghosh) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

Programming using Machine Learning (HADES Experiment))

GET_INvolved student Mateusz from Warsaw Technical University, Poland, programming data analysis software by using also machine learning for the HADES experiment at GSI. The software reduces background at gold-gold-collisions. (Photo: Markus Bernards)

GET_INvolved Tour "Art & Apple Wine"

GET_Involved tour to Frankfurt's Staedel Museum and a typical apple wine pub. (Photo: Markus Bernards)

Polish Interns in Summer 2019

Welcome to students from Warsaw Technical University (WUT, from left): Mikolay, Jedrzeij, GSI/FAIR Managing Director Paolo Giubellino, Mateusz, WUT-tutor Hanna Zbroszczyk, Mateusz, Wioletta, Zuzana, Mateusz, Daniel, Pradeep Ghosh (GSI International Office) (Photo: Markus Bernards)

At the GSI Detector Lab (Aditya)

GET_INvolved intern Aditya from New Delhi working on a frequency modulator (Photo: Markus Bernards)

Tissue Model for Cancer Cell Treatment (Dea) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

Ph.D. student Dea Aulia Kartini, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand, working at a sterile bench. Her task: To create a three-dimensional tissue model in order to investigate the effectiveness of an ion beam in killing cancer cells. (Photo: Markus Bernards) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

Celebrating Chinese New Year (ALICE Group)

Our Chinese scientists organized the party for the ALICE group at GSI on the occasion of the Chinese New Year in February 2019. (Photo: private)

Working on CBM data acquisition (Wenxiong) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

At work: Postdoc Wenxiong Zhou from Chongquing, China, working on a FPGA-based data acquisition software for the CBM target system which will pre-process the data taken by the detector. (Photo: private) Read more on GET_INvolved-Blog

Excursion to Heidelberg (Dea)

Indonesian GET_INvolved-Intern Dea Aulia Kartini from SUT, Thailand, on a weekend-trip to the romantic city of Heidelberg close to Darmstadt. (Photo: private)

Data flow modelling (Xin, CBM experiment)

Postdoc Xin from Shanghai, China, modelling the data flow and designing a throttling system in the data acquisiton in the future CBM experiment at FAIR. (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR/GSI)

Get Together (GET_INvolved participants)

GET_Involved participants meet at Bräustübl in Darmstadt. (Photo: private)

Fruit of the Labour: GET_INvolved Reports

Some of the reports that GET_INvolved participants write at the end of their internships or research stay at GSI and FAIR (photo: Markus Bernards)

GET_INvolved - Impressions

See also the GET_INvolved participant's portraits on GET_INvolved Blog

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