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The FAIR research is subdivided into the four experiment pillars: NUSTAR, CBM, PANDA, APPA. 3,000 researchers from all over the world are preparing the scientific program in collaborations and developing the experiments with international partners.
In this context every year many international guests visit the campus of FAIR and GSI for experiments, conferences and meetings. Our international guests (called users) find all relevant information for their stay on the following pages (kindly hosted by GSI).  


Mailinglist of Users

Through the mailinglist of our users information will be spread on, e.g. calls for beam time applications, calls for contributions to the yearly scientific report, the summer student program, etc.
For registering to this mailinglist please click here. If you do not own a password for Listserv yet, please get one under this link and confirm it upon reception of the respective E-mail. This password is valid for all Listserv mailinglists to which you are subscribed. Once you have a password, please login to register to the users mailinglist (as regular subscriber). You will receive an E-mail with a link to confirm your registration. Once the registration process is finalized you will receive a confirmation mail, incl. a link where you can remove your contact from the mailinglist yourself. For removal from the mailinglist, you can also contact Karin Füssel.
For information on mails sent to the users' mailinglist in the past you can check its archive.

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