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October 2017: The excavation pit for the big SIS100 accelerator tunnel is being made (Photo: Markus Bernards for FAIR)


Latest happenings

Transformer fields and logistic areas: Two transformer fields are being constructed to provide the future facility with energy. More construction roads and temporary storage areas for construction material and soil are being built.(more)

Linking GSI to FAIR: The link of the existing accelerator systems to the new FAIR facility is being prepared. (more)

Piles: All 1,350 bore piles required to stabilise the subsoil have been built. (more)

Alternatives routes: During the construction phase, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians have to bypass the construction site FAIR prepared a map. (more)


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Latest aerial photo of the site

Enlarge pic
Aerial photo of the construction site taken on September 03, 2017 (photo: Till Middelhauve for FAIR)

Information for pedestrians and cyclists

Alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists

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