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What happens at FAIR?

Fundamental questions of the evolution of the universe, the structure of matter and its building blocks will be approached with the physics at FAIR.

Over the past century, scientists have built up a deep understanding of the subatomic constituents of matter in the Universe and the fundamental forces binding them. More recently, they have developed compelling theories of how those building blocks came into being. Nevertheless, there are still significant gaps in our knowledge of the nature and evolution of matter on both a cosmic and microscopic scale and there are many questions to explore, for example:

  • How did matter in the early Universe evolve and why does it look the way it does today?
  • How does matter behave across the wide range of temperatures and pressures found in the past and present Universe?
  • How does the strong force, which binds the particles comprising atomic nuclei work - and where do their masses come from?
  • Where do the atomic elements come from?
  • How does the electromagnetic force, which binds atoms and molecules, work under extreme conditions?



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