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Workshop on High-Resolution Spectrometers and Separators at GSI

Physics experiments for the study of short-lived nuclei are being pursued worldwide with a variety of magnetic separators and spectrometers. On November 4-6, an international workshop on experiments with high-resolution spectrometers and separators was held at GSI. The meeting was organized by an expert team composed by scientists from Japan, USA, and Europe. In total, more than 50 participants from 26 laboratories and universities in 12 countries attended the workshop.


The common interest was ion optics and instruments for a variety of experiments and applications, for instance with stable or radioactive beams, at low or high energies, for studies in direct or inverse kinematics, for the separation and identification of beams, for invariant mass measurements, or for range focusing and efficient stopping of energetic beams in gas-filled stopping cells. The workshop yielded important and new ideas for the Super-FRS Collaboration with respect to physics topics, which can be studied with the high-resolution Super-FRS spectrometer or at the energy-buncher spectrometer of its Low-Energy Branch.


See here for conference web page.


Contact: Hans Geissel, Martin Winkler, Christoph Scheidenberger



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