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GLAD magnet moved into Cave C

With air cushions in operation, GLAD can be pushed into its position in Cave C. (photo: G. Otto, GSI)

Playing “Sokoban” with a 60-ton magnet …

ALADIN magnet standing outside of Cave C, next to the FOPI detector.

Job done … happy scientists and technical staff (photo: G. Otto, GSI)

From here to there … how did it fit through the opening?

On Thursday, February 11, the large acceptance dipole magnet GLAD was moved from its present location into Cave C of GSI. With the help of air cushions, the 110-ton ALADIN magnet was first moved out of the experimental cave in order to make place for the 60-ton successor.


In Cave C, the GLAD magnet will undergo further extensive testing. Furthermore, additional components of the R3B experiment will be step by step connected and placed in Cave C. It is foreseen to use this initial R3B setup for first experiments from 2018 onwards until the new experimental cave at FAIR is ready for the installation of the full R3B setup and operation with beams from Super-FRS.


(see also news on FAIR web site here)



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