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NUSTAR Workshop in Istanbul leads to new opportunities

Participants of the NUSTAR Workshop at Yildiz Technical University

From May 14 to 16 a bilateral NUSTAR Workshop took place in Istanbul in Turkey, organized in the frame of the "German-Turkish Year of Science" and supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). The aim of the workshop was to (i) strengthen existing connections to Turkish groups already collaborating in NUSTAR, (ii) find new collaborators in the Turkish nuclear science community and neighboring fields, and (iii) establish NUSTAR-Turkey as national collaboration. About 50 scientists from Germany and Turkey attended the workshop at Yildiz Technical University.


During the workshop FAIR/NUSTAR projects were introduced along with the presentations on the activities of Turkish scientists on nuclear and particle physics, including detector studies. With dedicated discussion sessions the opportunities and a roadmap for collaboration has been determined. The resonance on both sides was very positive and several new groups from other physics fields were attracted by the NUSTAR project. Projects of common interest were identified and first agreements on personnel exchange and the preparation of NUSTAR Laboratories and testing/commissioning facilities in Turkey were made.


Furthermore, the NUSTAR-Turkey collaboration was started with six initial member universities signing an official agreement. In the signing ceremony the rector of the Yildiz Technical University, Prof. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, emphasized on the many opportunities for scientific and technological collaboration, while Prof. Dr. Nizamettin Erduran, the new chairman of NUSTAR-Turkey, expressed his vision of a strong partnership beneficial both for the Turkish science community and FAIR/NUSTAR.




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