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Technical Design Reports for NUSTAR equipment approved

The ECE approved in its 6th meeting (July 23-24) four TDRs of the NUSTAR collaboration:

    • Fast timing array designed to measure sub-nanosecond half-lives of excited states in exotic nuclei produced at FAIR.
    • DESPEC Germanium Array Spectrometer - a high-purity germanium gamma-detector-array for high-resolution spectroscopy of electromagnetic decays from exotic nuclear species.
  • Tracking detectors (R3B)
    • The backbone of the R3B setup for identification and tracking of beam and beam-like charged particles. 
  • CALIFA forward endcap (R3B)
    • The forward endcap of the CALIFA calorimeter (calorimeter for the in flight detection of gamma-rays and light charged particles) that will surround the reaction target as one of the key detectors of the R3B experiment.

Public versions of the TDRs are available here.



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