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NUSTAR Collaboration meeting in Valencia

NUSTAR Week 2014

Members of the NUSTAR Collaboration participating in the NUSTAR Week 2014 at the IFIC Valencia.

The NUSTAR Collaboration met in Valencia, Spain, on September 23-26 to hold the NUSTAR Week 2014. This was the sixth meeting in a series, taking place before in Dubna (2009), Lund (2010), Bucharest (2011), Kolkata (2012), and Helsinki (2013), this time hosted by the IFIC (Instituto de Física Corpuscular) in Valencia, Spain.


The aim of the NUSTAR Week meeting is to discuss, within the collaboration, research and development issues, hold working group meetings of the NUSTAR projects, present new technical results, plan common activities, and discuss perspective instrumentation ideas. The meeting comprised reports from sub-collaborations and common working groups, discussions on technical designs and plenary physics presentations as well as discussion of ideas on possible first experiments once FAIR is operational.


More than 80 scientists attended the NUSTAR Week 2014 and made it a very lively meeting. This time the focus was put on the Spanish contributions to NUSTAR, especially to work packages related to the experiments HISPEC/DESPEC, MATS, and R3B. In addition, the HISPEC/DESPEC and MATS/LaSpec sub-collaborations discussed the present status of experimental components.



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