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NUSTAR Week 2018 in Milan

Participants of the NUSTAR Week 2018 (photo: S. Ceruti).

The NUSTAR Week 2018 was hosted by the University of Milan and by the INFN section of Milan. More than 90 international participants discussed the present status of the NUSTAR experiments and the plans for the Phase-0 program. Especially the HISPEC/DESPEC, R3B, and Super-FRS Experiment collaborations looked into their upcoming beam times at GSI.


It was also an opportunity for the Italian colleagues and groups to present their contributions to the construction and the physics program of NUSTAR and to strengthen the ties to the collaboration. This includes the construction of superconducting multiplets for the Super-FRS, as presented during the plenary program.


Aa a new member of NUSTAR, the gSPEC collaboration organized its first meeting as a satellite workshop of the NUSTAR Week 2018. About 30 international participants – partially new to the NUSTAR community – joined the event. Regions of interest, physics cases, update on recent achievements, and techniques in nuclear-moment measurements worldwide were presented and possibilities for the implementation extensively discussed. In addition, ongoing and future works on the new experimental apparatus and experimental feasibilities at FAIR Phase-0 and Phase-1 were among the main topics of the collaboration workshop.


For details see conference web page. The next NUSTAR Week will be hosted in France (Gif-sur-Yvette, close to Paris).




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