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NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2017

Participants of the 2017 NUSTAR Annual Meeting (photo: G. Otto, GSI)

The NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2017 was held at GSI in the week February 27 to March 2. With almost 200 international participants, the attendance was again very high this year. The atmosphere was governed by a renewed spirit of optimism. For the planned NUSTAR program for FAIR phase 0 at GSI, many unique and outstanding experiment ideas were discussed. In order to find the right balance between wishing a maximum of beam time and wishing a fast realization of the FAIR facility, the NUSTAR collaboration will prepare a coordinated strategy within a few weeks.


The attendees were impressed by the substantial progress in the overall planning of FAIR and the start of the building, the development and realization of detector setups and their associated infrastructure. In this respect, the instrumentation is fully in time with the planning. Latest research highlights from successful experiments at GSI and other laboratories were broadly discussed.  During the full week many working groups used the opportunity to discuss their activities, to report on latest results and to plan the next steps of their work.



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