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NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2015

photo by G. Otto (GSI)

The Annual Meeting of the NUSTAR Collaboration took place at GSI from March 2 until March 6. Over 200 international participants discussed recent research results and technical development related to the NUSTAR program at FAIR. The first two days were dedicated to collaboration and workgroup meetings followed by plenary sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, the NUSTAR experiments presented their view on the next years until FAIR operation starts.


This so-called “phase-0” of NUSTAR will take advantage of beam time at GSI from 2017 onwards until the FAIR facility becomes operational – complemented by beam time at other facilities – to perform important and unique nuclear physics experiments. Moreover, it will be used to test the new equipment and detectors dedicated to NUSTAR and to train PhD students and young post-docs along the way to NUSTAR@FAIR.



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