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NUSTAR Annual meeting 2014

The Annual Meeting of the NUSTAR Collaboration took place at GSI from March 3 until March 7. Over 180 international participants discussed recent research results and technical developments related to the NUSTAR program at FAIR.


Most of the NUSTAR experiments have reached a status where a significant core of the required equipment for first experiments at the new facility is ready or in construction. Until the realization of FAIR, these detector systems and additional equipment will be tested and used at GSI and other radioactive ion beam facilities in order to continue research efforts, training of students, and to test new methods and novel instrumentation. In this respect, the present situation at GSI with limited amount of beam time was seen as critical.


With respect to the financial status of NUSTAR a large fraction of the estimated construction cost have been secured with additional funds expected in the coming funding periods throughout the partner countries. Special topics were status reports from two task forces which concentrate on the funding of the low-energy branch building and on the realization of storage ring experiments by use of existing GSI infrastructure.




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