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Lomonosov Gold Medal

Russian Great Gold Medal to Björn Jonson

Björn Jonson (left) and Yuri Oganessian (right) received the Lomonosov Gold Medal in Moscow at the General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Photo: Elena Puzynina, JINR).

Björn Jonson, presently Chair of the NUSTAR Council, has been rewarded with the Russian Great Gold Medal, the highest award of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), for his outstanding contributions to nuclear physics. The award ceremony was held in Moscow on March 30, 2018, at the General Meeting of the RAS. Since 1967, the Lomonosov Gold Medal is awarded each year to a Russian and a foreign scientist for their outstanding achievements in natural sciences and humanities. This year Yuri Oganessian was rewarded together with Björn Jonson.


For further information, see the news article on Chalmers web site.



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