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MONSTER in operation at JYFL in Jyväskylä

MONSTER detector modules mounted at JYFL for first experiments (photo: Jorge Lerendegui)

TOF spectrum for the As-85 decay with data collected at 2 meters flight path to the MONSTER array. The data shown are very preliminary and it is expected that the signal to background ratio will improve. Some analysis cuts have already been applied, including the neutron-gamma separation. The resonances observed agree with the scarce information available in ENSDF.

For the MONSTER detector (MOdular Neutron SpecrtromeTER) of the HISPEC/DESPEC experiment a milestone was achieved: 50 out of 100 planned detector modules have been installed for measuring the 85As βn decay at the JYFL accelerator laboratory in Jyväskylä (Finland).


The detector is built by groups from CIEMAT (Spain), IFIC (Spain), JYFL/HIP (Finland), UPC (Spain), and VECC (India), partly funded by the FAIR construction budget.


See press release here.



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