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HISPEC Active Target

First MINOS Newsletter

MINOS, acronym for MagIc Numbers Off Stability, represents both a physics program and a device. The physics program aims at investigating the properties of
the in-medium NN interaction through the spectroscopy of the most exotic nuclei
produced at fragmentation facilities. The device is composed of a thick cryogenic
liquid hydrogen target surrounded by a cylindrical time projection chamber devoted
to determine the reaction vertex by tracking charged particles produced in knockout reactions. MINOS is being built at IRFU, CEA Saclay. The project has been funded by the European Research Council for the period 2010-2015, period during which the device should be coupled with the DALI2 gamma spectrometer and the Zero Degree or Samurai spectrometers at the RIBF and operated in collaboration with teams from RIKEN. The ongoing development of the system is scheduled up to June 2013. The detector should be then shipped to RIKEN.

The newsletter can be downloaded here.



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