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SHIPTRAP measurements on No and Lr isotopes

Measurements on No (Z=102) and Lr (Z=103) isotopes with the Penning-trap facility SHIPTRAP at GSI Darmstadt

In a recent publication in the journal SCIENCE, mass measurements on nobelium and lawrencium isotopes carried with the SHIPTRAP facility were reported. The directly measured masses of several No and Lr isotopes have yielded the strength of shell effects at N=152 for these very heavy elements. They have provided information on the nuclear structure of very heavy elements promising to enable drastically improved predictions concerning the location and extension of the “Island of Stability” of superheavy elements.

SHIPTRAP is one of the NUSTAR experiments at GSI and the only facility in the world which allows direct mass measurements on very heavy elements. Many members of the international SHIPTRAP collaboration participate very actively in the MATS projects.

Direct link to full press release at GSI.

Direct link to the publication.




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