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PhD Award of the CBM Collaboration

At the 35th CBM Collaboration Meeting, which has been held virtually on March 23-27, 2020, the CBM Thesis Prize for outstanding theses in 2018 has been awarded to Dr. Hanna Malygina (University of Frankfurt). The awards are endowed with a prize money of 500 Euros.


Hannah's work, titled "Hit reconstruction for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experiment" is instrumental for the development of hit reconstruction algorithms for tracks passing through the silicon tracking detector planes. For an efficient detector design and reconstruction performance, a reliable detector response model is of utmost importance. Within her thesis, such a response model was designed and implemented in the CBM software framework. The model includes non-uniform energy loss of an incident particle within a sensor, electric field of a planar p-n junction, Lorentz shift of the charge carriers, their diffusion, and the influence of parasitic capacitances. As of now, Hanna's model is the basic input for the STS track reconstruction simulations.

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