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PhD Award of the CBM Collaboration

At the 35th CBM Collaboration Meeting, which has been held virtually on March 23-27, 2020, the CBM Thesis Prize for outstanding theses in 2019 has been awarded to Dr. Ievgenii Kres (University of Wuppertal). The awards are endowed with a prize money of 500 Euros.


The title of Ievgenii's thesis is "Optimization of the CBM-RICH detector geometry and its use for the reconstruction of neutral mesons using conversion method". In his work, he developed an optimized geometry for the RICH focal plane in going from a wing-shaped to a cylindrical geometry. He was able to show that the new geometry not only allowed for an improved arrangement of the multi-anode photomultiplier tubes avoiding dead space but also resulted in an improved performance with respect to di-lepton identification. In a second part of his thesis, he successfully investigated the capabilities of the RICH detector, using the new geometry as a test case, to reconstruct ϖ0 and η-mesons using the conversion method. In summary, it can be stated that Ievgenii has significantly advanced the RICH project, evidenced be the fact that the cylindrical geometry became the default setup

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