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PhD Award

PhD Award of the CBM collaboration granted for the second time

Dr. Maksym Zyzak (l.) and Dr. Andrej Kugler (r.)

Dr. Maksym Zyzak received the CBM PhD Award 2016 for his PhD thesis at FAIR and GSI and the Goethe-University Frankfurt. The award was handed over by Dr. Andrej Kugler, head of the selection committee, on Friday, 24 March 2017, during the CBM collaboration meeting at GSI. The award is endowed with a prize money of 500 Euro.


In his PhD Maksym worked on the development of the computer code for online selection of short-lived particles on many-core computer architectures in the Compressed Baryonic Matter Experiment (CBM) in the team of Professor Ivan Kissel. He developed the KF Particle Finder adding additional functionality to the set of tools for the Kalman-filter-based track fit. The KF Particle Finder was successfully included into the first version of the FLES package for the CBM experiment. It is also currently implemented in the STAR experiment. The code is vectorized and parallelized, it is scalable on many-core processors and many-core clusters. His work has high impact for the future developments of online particle selection in general and for the CBM project in particular. Candidates for the award are nominated by their advisors. The selection is carried out by a committee appointed by the CBM collaboration. The criteria for the selection are

  1. publications in refereed journals in which the candidate had a significant contribution ( 3 points)
  2. added value in the field in which PhD theses was done (3 points)
  3. impact on the CBM present and future activities, taking into account active participation in CBM CM (4 points)

The award was granted for the second time this year and will in future be annually awarded to the best PhD thesis within the CBM experiment. The CBM collaboration especially wants to honor the contributions of students to the CBM project with the award.

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