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Collaboration Meeting

CBM Collaboration Meeting at GSI from March 20- 24, 2017

More than 160 participants from 12 countries gathered from March 20 - 24, 2017, at the 29th Collaboration Meeting of the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) Experiment at GSI from March 20- 24, 2017, in order to review the status of experiment preparation in the fields of detectors, electronic, data acquisition, simulations and software development. In numerous working groups the results of the R&D activities and the next steps were discussed. The R&D works are in the final phase, and in some subprojects series production has started. Significant progress was made in the development of a novel triggerless data readout concept, which enables an online event reconstruction and selection at reaction rates up to 10 MHz.


The agenda also covered the CBM phase 0 activities at HADES, at the STAR experiment at RHIC, and at the BM@N experiment at JINR. The planning for the use of CBM TOF detectors in STAR was topic of a dedicated CBM-STAR workshop on March 18 -19, 2017.


The CBM management boards developed a strategy to realize a CBM start version within the general FAIR schedule, which is able to perform measurements with significant discovery potential, and which is to almost 90% funded. A very important decision was taken by the CBM Collaboration Board: as successor of Peter Senger, Norbert Hermann (University of Heidelberg) was elected the new spokesperson of the CBM collaboration.

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