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BFC - Board of FAIR Collaborations

The Board of FAIR Collaborations (BFC) is a committee with three representatives nominated from each of the four experimental collaborations (APPA, CBM, NUSTAR, and PANDA). The BFC represents, independently of the FAIR management, the collaborations' interests. The BFC chair is guest of the FAIR Council and takes part in the FAIR Project Progress Meeting Quarterly.


  • Alexander Golubev (chair)
  • Reinhold Schuch
  • Christina Trautmann


  • Norbert Herrmann
  • Vladimir Ladygin
  • Joachim Stroth


  • Andreas Heinz
  • Wolfram Korten (vice chair)
  • Christoph Scheidenberger


  • Frank Goldenbaum
  • Karin Schönning
  • Ulrich Wiedner

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