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Staff Position Merger Office

The staff position Merger Office was appointed at the 14th AFC (FAIR Admisinistrative and Finance Comittee and Sub-Comittee of FAIR Council) and 14th Council (FAIR Council) and started its work in March 2015. In accordance with the mandate of the FAIR Comittees and the Management Board, Merger Office is acting on the basis of the adopted "Terms of Reference". Merger Office has created an overall task list which lists all necessary open issues for implementing the merger. For individual work packages experts were identified, also within the GSI GmbH and FAIR GmbH.The list also documents for example the comittee decisions, minutes (in extracts).

14 November 2016

Field of BusinessTaskExplanationPerson in charge
Merger OfficeCoordination and follow-up of merger work packages.Karin Scheller
Overview Tasks ListUpdating task overview based on documentation of committee meetings and giving status of completion.

Karin Scheller

Coordination of tasks and deadlinesCoordination of all still pending issues and information needs of FAIR, GSI, German Delegation, International Shareholders, Chair/Vice-Chair Merger Working Group of FAIR Council.Karin Scheller
Report of Council Merger Working Group (CMWG)Input regarding necessary updates of the Report of the CMWG for the Chair and Vice-Chair of CMWG.

Karin Scheller

Schedule for MergerMonitoring the timely deliveries, taking into account the deadlines for documents to be sent prior to all committee meetings of  FAIR GmbH, GSI GmbH and  Helmholtz Association.Karin Scheller

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Head of Merger Office:

Karin Scheller
+49 6159/71-1986

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