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EU Project - FAIR Preparatory Phase

All reports submitted to EC have been accepted

The "FAIR Preparatory Phase" was an EU project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-211382) within the ESFRI Road Map. Main subject of this EU project was the incorporation of FAIR GmbH which oversees and steers the construction of the new research infrastructure "FAIR".

The "Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research" is an integrated system of particle accelerators which will provide high energy and high intensity beams of ions from antiprotons to uranium with unprecedented quality for basic research in different fields of physics.

This EU project concentrated on the implementation of the FAIR project. The most important milestone, the signing of the FAIR Convention, the intergovernmental agreement for FAIR, and the incorporation of FAIR GmbH have been achieved on 04 October 2010. The work packages contained in this proposal covered legal issues, financing, governance, FAIR line-management and project management, coordination of research, and coordination of accelerator. These activities covered also the start-up phase of FAIR GmbH, until the FAIR project was successfully implemented.

The Consortium of this EU project comprised eleven ministries / funding agencies and 14 research institutions.

The FAIR-PP consortium is grateful for the support from the European Commission.

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