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Right from the beginning in the year 1999 the FAIR project has been a cooperation of various international research and technical institutes. They mutually worked out first drafts of accelerator designs and experimental installations (Conceptual Design Report CDR 2001) which have constantly been optimized.

The result was the issuing of the FAIR Baseline Technical Report FBTR in March 2006, describing in detail the whole project with civil construction, accelerator construction and experimental setups.

It was followed by the FAIR Green Paper in September 2009, constituting an optimisation of the contruction planning in form of seven modules. Modules 0-3 as the start version comprise the construction of the SIS100 heavy ion synchrotron as the core of the whole facility and first experimental installations. With this planning the excellence of research at FAIR and outstanding research activies are guaranteed in all four scientific pillars: APPA (Atomic, Plasma and Applied Physics), NUSTAR (Nuclear Structure, Astro Physics and Reactions), PANDA (antiProton Anihilation at Darmstadt) and CBM (Compressed Baryonic Matter). Modules 4-7 will follow later on, being subject of further R&D work and additional funding.

On October, 4th 2010, the international owners founded the FAIR GmbH. A further milestone on the way to the future facility.

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