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FAIR will be an international accelerator facility of the next generation. Technics and development build on the existing GSI facility and will benefit from its long-term experienced employees in science, technics and administration. The GSI facility – once upgraded and together with a new proton linear accelerator – will serve as pre-accelerator and injector for the new complex.

Latest technological concepts will enable the construction of a state-of-the-art, multipurpose accelerator facility. Its core, a double-ring accelerator (SIS100 heavy ion synchrotron) with a circumference of 1100 meters, will be associated with a complex system of cooler and storage rings and experimental setups. The synchrotron will deliver ion beams of unprecedent intensities and energies. Thus also intensive secondary beams can be produced, providing antiprotons and exotic nuclei for groundbreaking experiments.


The system of storage and cooler rings allows to drastically improving the quality – e. g. energy spread and emittance - of the secondary beams in order to use them for high precision experiments. Moreover, in connection with the SIS100 synchrotron an efficient parallel operation of all four scientific programmes can be realised.

The whole project is characterised by many technological innovations. This justifies expectations for brilliant beam properties with

  • highest beam intensities
  • brilliant beam quality
  • highest beam energies
  • highest beam power
  • parallel operation

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