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Das Universum im Labor - Forschung an der Teilchenbeschleunigeranlage FAIR in Darmstadt. 16 pages.


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(German, December 2016 / 1,1 MB)




FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research, An international science centre in Europe for studying the building blocks of matter and the evolution of the Universe. 12 pages.


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(English, autumn 2013 / 3 MB)

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(Russian, January 2009 / 5,8 MB)




FAIR - Flyer

download as .pdf: English; German; French; Arabian; Russian

Forschen für die Zukunft, Hadronen- und Kernphysik in Deutschland. Status und Perspektiven 2012. KHuK - Komitee für Hadronen- und Kernphysik. 35 pages.


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(German, October 2012 / 36,8 MB)





FAIR/GSI Sitemap. English/German, November 2011.



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