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FLAIR - Facility for Low-Energy Antiproton and Heavy Ion Research

physics topics

  • Spectroscopy for tests of CPT and QED
    • Antiprotonic atoms (pbar-He, pbar-p), antihydrogen
  • Gravitation of antimatter
    • Trapped and laser-cooled antihydrogen
  • Atomic collisions
    • Ionization, energy loss, antimatter-matter collisions
  • Antiprotons as hadronic probes
    • X-rays of light antiprotonic atoms: low-energy QCD
    • X-rays of neutron-rich nuclei: nuclear structure (halo)
    • Antineutron interaction
    • Strangeness –2 production
  • Medical applications: tumor therapy


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Fig. 1: FLAIR

  • high-brightness high-intensity low-energy antiproton beams
  • cooled beams down to 300 keV in LSR
  • electrostatic storage ring (USR): atomic collision experiments with internal targets, deceleration to 20 keV
  • HITRAP for efficient deceleration of antiprotons from 4 MeV to rest and extraction from a cooler trap at keV energies
  • slow and fast extraction from LSR and USR
  • rings will also be used for highly charged ions, (low-energy cave AP, HITRAP)


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