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APPA Physics - Atomic, Plasma Physics and Applications

Physicists call the forth state of matter plasma (gas of electrically charged particles). These plasmas may occur in various forms. Hot plasmas at low pressure are already well-known. But still less investigated are plasmas at high pressure and low temeratures as they exist e.g. in the interior of large planets. Plasma physics experiments at FAIR will reveal latest findings in this field.

The heavy ions available at FAIR will also be used to investigate the impact of cosmic radiation on inter-planetary flights for both, astronauts and spacecraft components.

Ultra-strong electromagnetic fields occur in highly-charged heavy ions and can be further increased in experiments with fast heavy ions passing each other. The new project will open up unique opportunities for research in these areas of ultra-strong field physics testing the quantum-dynamic theory.

  • BIOMAT - Biology and Material Science

  • FLAIR - Facility for Low-Energy Antiproton and Heavy Ion Research

  • HED@FAIRHigh Energy Density Science at FAIR

  • SPARC - Stored Particles Atomic Research Collaboration


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Enlarge pic
The FAIR complex


Enlarge pic
RF cavity for bunching of highly charged ions and antiprotons at HITRAP


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Quadrupol magnets (red) of the ESR


Enlarge pic
High-energy cave for SIS18 and SIS100 beams; atomic physics, bio physics, and materials science
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