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In May 2013, the UK signed an agreement to become an Associate Member of FAIR.

Ten UK institutions are active members and contribute to the NUSTAR project. The UK's involvement is supported by grants from the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

The UK is responsible for the development and delivery of several key components within the NUSTAR project:

  • R3B: Si tracker system
  • DESPEC: the AIDA Si stopper detector and the LaBr3(Ce) fast timing array
  • HISPEC: timing detectors of LYCCA (Lund-York-Cologne Calorimeter Array)

This responsibility includes mechanical engineering design, production of electronics, production of full systems and project management.

The UK also contributes to the high resolution spectrometer AGATA, supporting its deployment as a key instrument for HISPEC.

In addition, within PANDA, the UK is involved in the research and development of the DIRC detector.

UK representatives to FAIR:

Justin O'Byrne, UK Research Infrastructure - Science and Technology Facilities Council (UKRI-STFC)
- Guest at FAIR Council

Rachel Reynolds, UKRI-STFC
– Guest at Administrative and Finance Committee (AFC)

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