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GET_INvolved – South Africa:

Programme with iThemba LABS

Information on the Programme

Based on the tri-lateral agreement between GSI, FAIR and iThemba LABS, an internship and training programme was initiated in 2019. The programme is open for South African students who hold a bachelor degree (internship) or a master degree with at least 2 years of research experience in the field (training). The students and researchers will stay between 3 and 6 month on GSI/FAIR campus. iThemba LABS will cover local and travel expenses as well as insurances (health and liability).

Call for 2020

The next call for GET_INvolved - South Africa Programme will be announced soon.

Call for 2019

GET_Involved South Africa: iThemba Labs Programme 2019

Two talented early-stage researchers from South Africa are selected for research and training under the Programme. The PhD students are awarded Scholarships to come to Germany for 3 months and perform research.

  1. Ms. Charnay Cunningham
  2. Mr. Lucky Makhathini

The PhD students will work on projects at Bio-Physics and Detector Laboratory respectively.

About the Partner

iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences (iThemba LABS) located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a multidisciplinary research facility that is based on the development, operation and use of particle accelerators and related research equipment. The facilities provide opportunities for research in subatomic physics, material research, radiobiology, and the research and development of unique radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and industrial applications.

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FAIR/GSI, Germany:
Dr. Pradeep Gosh
Program Coordinator

iThema LABS, South Africa:
Professor Richard Newman
SAINTS Programme Director

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